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Hello, my name is Mary!

I am the founder of Mary Hart Design Studio.


I am a textile designer and illustrator from Manchester, UK.


I graduated from Leeds Arts University, gaining a 1st class degree in Textile Design and specialise in baby wear, children's wear and kids interiors.

I created my own baby/children's store - Love Kiddo, in 2021 which specialises in personalised decor, gifts, party supplies, kids activities and greetings cards.


I also work freelance, creating illustrations, designs and products for clients such as Little Berry Button, Loaf Mcr, Little Bells Gifts and Bagel Face UK.

Through Love Kiddo, I also created a blog for parents called 'Parenthood' with the help of my customers and brand reps. This is a safe space for people to share their experiences and stories of pregnancy, birth, mental health, medical issues, infertility etc.

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